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Louis Martel

My May 22 to 28 Weekly Income Reports

Welcome to my Weekly Income Reports!

I create these reports to share my success and failure with my easy 3 step email marketing online business.

This business model is really simple:

Step 1 : Collect Leads
Step 2 : Send Email Everyday
Step 3 : Rince, Repeat, Profits

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Income Breakdown:

CPA Affiliate Revenue
Nexus Offer : $3,332.40
Cash Network : $1,428.95
EPC Boss : $938.00
Clickbank : $373.50

Total Revenue = $6,072.85

Traffic Expense : $1,850.90

Total Profits USD = $4,221.95
Total Profits CDN = $5,488.54

*some monthly expenses is not included in this reports

Thanks for reading this reports

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